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Best Boulangeries in the Haute Marais


You can’t walk a block without passing a boulangerie in most Parisian neighborhoods, and nothing beats that smell of fresh baked croissants wafting out onto the street. However, in case you believed otherwise, not all baguettes are created equal. And it’s a never ending escapade to taste many in order to discover the best ones around the city.

In one of our favorite neighborhoods, the Haute Marais, you’ll have to eat a baguette or croissant or croissant aux amandes every day to get through the list of delicious boulangeries you must try. Below are some off the top of our list, all within walking distance of landmarks like Place de la République, rue de Bretagne, and the Cirque d’Hiver.



1. Paulin

38 rue Debelleyme
Paris 75003

From Tuesday to Saturday, 7:15 am to 8:15 pm
Sunday, 7:15am to 4:30pm



2. 134 RDT

134 rue de Turenne
Paris 75003

From Monday to Friday, 7:15 am to 8:15 pm


3. Chez Manon

25 rue de Bretagne
Paris 75003

From Monday to Saturday, 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

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Festival of Bread!

It’s hard to come to France and not marvel over the delicious bread at every meal, but not all baguettes are created equal. The artisanal process of creating the perfect baguette is one of great pride, which one can appreciate the first time you bite into a perfect, weightless combination of crispiness and doughiness.


To see how it’s done, and to celebrate the craft and emblematic symbol of French culture, get out and explore during the festival of bread! The Fête du Pain, celebrated across all of France, will take place from the 8-18th of May, planned around the national day honoring Saint Honoré, the patron saint of bakers, May 16.

Photo 1 2012-05-17-Fetedupain

In Paris, the square in front of Notre Dame will be the site of a great tent under which artisan bakers, or boulangers, will give demonstrations on how to create the perfect loaf. In addition to the traditional main land French breads, this year’s special focus will be the traditional breads of Réunion, a French island east of Madagascar. There will be presentations, tastings, and activities all through the day, so stop in and see what you can discover…and taste!


While the festival is going on at Notre Dame, boulangeries all around Paris will be celebrating with their own tastings, demonstrations and activities from the 12th-18th of May. Be sure to ask your local boulangerie about their agenda and participation and join in on the festivities!


baguettes / Jarkko Laine via Flickr CC License By


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