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Passageway to the old world of Hotel de Sully

You’ll know from our post on the secret rose garden that we love the hidden passageways and short cuts that make navigating Paris like a architectural treasure hunt. One more connecting promenade that we fall in love with over and over again is the Hotel de Sully. Although with more conspicuous entrances, passing between Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine and the Place des Vosges, it is rare that this verdant park ever feels crowded.




A certain refuge from the busy avenue that goes from Bastille down to become rue de Rivoli, the passageway from Faubourg Saint Antoine is quite imposing and feels like maybe you’re not allowed to go through there. This is one of the main reasons I credit for the minimal foot traffic, especially from the street side. From the park side, however, what you see is light coming through the doorway under the otherwise shaded arcades that encircle the place des Vosges.





You’ll see some gorgeous architectural details throughout. But do take your time to look at all the doors. They are all heavy and wooden, carved in and outfitted with giant sculpted door knockers. The picture below is the underside of a stairway next the the small bookstore between the stone courtyard and the garden.


If ever you are looking for a beautiful backdrop for family photos, or for a quieter place to enjoy a sandwich from Paul or Miss Manon (both near the Hotel de Sully entrance on rue Faubourg Saint Antoine), you’ll find it here.







Just as beautiful in the fall, as in the summer, the ivy wall turns all shades of fiery red and orange.


Definitely add this to your list of must sees on your Marais walking tour. Or take a look at our nearby apartments and make this part of your daily commute.

Marais Place des Vosges apartment

Marais Vosges apartment

Marais Saint Paul Loft


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Secret Rose Garden

Every now and then, walking through the small side streets of Paris, you’ll notice mysterious passageways. People will walk purposefully in and out, and you might wonder where it comes from or where it leads, but how often do you actually walk through?

One such entranceway is tucked in a corner of the tiny U-shaped street, rue des Arquebusiers, and by glancing through the iron gates, you’d never expect what can be found if you venture through…

Secret Garden Arquebusiers Entrance


This beautiful rose garden is the smallest park in the 3rd arrondissement, but it is also the most peaceful. Perfect to take a break and sit amongst the flowers, watch the sparse traffic of locals passing through the adjacent square, and appreciate a silent, stolen moment.

Square Saint-Giles Grand Veneur Pauline Roland

The garden’s name is a mouthful, despite its small size: Square Saint-giles Grand Veneur Pauline Roland. The name combines references to the rue Saint-Giles, just south of park, L’hôtel du Grand Veneur, the beautiful hotel particuler attached to the garden, and also for feminist and activist Pauline Roland.

L’hôtel du Grand-Veneur, was built in the 17th century for Hennequin d’Ecquevilly, the captain in charge of planning royal hunts for the king. The garden as it exists was not constructed until 1988, so was not a part of the original house it sits next to.

Sectet Rose Garden Secret Rose Garden Bloom

Secret Rose Garden 2 Secret Rose Garden Secret Garden Rue Villehardouin Entrance

You might otherwise never go down the tiny rue Villehardouin except in exiting or in search of this wonderful secret garden.

Hopefully this encourages you to be curious visitors, as the streets of Paris are perfect for wandering and you never know what you’ll find. When in doubt, follow someone who looks they know where they’re going, because chances are they’ll lead you somewhere unexpected.

Wandering and getting lost is the best way to discover Paris!



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Parisian parks

There’s a special kind of elegance to Parisian parks. The manicured lawns, symmetrically lined trees, and great fountain pools that we picture from the Jardin de Luxembourg, the Jardin des Tuilleries and the expansive lawns at Versailles.


Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

Only made open to the public in the mid 17th century, these parks were once reserved for French Aristocracy and, as such, were designed for a different time and lifestyle. Long avenues were intended for leisurely strolls and quiet chats on the stone benches along the rows of trees. Although today we don’t ‘stroll’ as much as we rush, somehow these parks have the power to slow us down.

Wondering what to do at the park? Here are some ideas: Grab a baguette, some cheese and wine for a simple and memorable picnic, on the Champs des Mars under the Eiffel Tower; Scout a free chair that you can move where you wish, and absorb your surroundings for inspiration as you sit to write postcards home; or head over with a book or a camera to the Musée Rodin, where two euros will grant you access to the sculpture garden, which is the gem of the museum.


Paris Deluxe Rentals - Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges

And lastly, we recommend making your way to some of the smaller, uniquely beautiful parks in the city center such as Place des Vosges or the gardens of the Palais Royale.

And finally, don’t forget those that are a bit outside of the center but very much worth the adventure: Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Parc Montsouris or Parc Monceau.

Paris Deluxe Rentals - Park Bench Paris

Park Benches

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